Gretna Shopping Centre

Gretna Gateway Outlet Village Retail Liaison Manager

We're looking for a new Retail Liaison Manager to join the team and help us deliver our strategy and visions.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Centre Manager

SALARY: Commensurate with experience

The ideal candidate will be confident in engaging with people, be passionate about great customer service and know what it takes to drive results. As you’ll be working in a busy shopping centre, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the retail environment and consumer behaviour, so previous experience working in retail management would be ideal.

You’ll also be responsible for delivering the shopping centre’s marketing strategy, so previous studies in a marketing related or creative subject would be advantageous, though not compulsory. 

Retail Liaison: Retailer Relationships & Communications

Build and maintain positive relationships with retailers in the asset, developing ideas for collaboration and ensuring all tenants are given frequent opportunities to be involved in the overall Marketing Strategy.

  • Regularly interact with the Shopping Centre’s tenants at store level, to discuss and agree how to market the brands and their products effectively.
  • Build relationships with tenants not only at store level, but also with Area Management, Regional Management and Head Office contacts.
  • Review Marketing & Sales performance on a regular basis to identify where extra support is required.
  • Hold regular tenant meetings to discuss recent marketing and advertising results, and upcoming marketing activity within the shopping centre.
Brand Positioning & Planning

Ensure that the overall Marketing Strategy is delivered effectively, the asset’s brand is communicated in line with brand guidelines and all advertising activity is targeted to the correct audiences.


  • Regularly review retail trading performance with Centre Management team, and develop an understanding of total, category and individual retail trading performances.
  • Produce yearly and quarterly marketing plans and media plans to ensure all marketing activity is actioned in a timely manner.
  • Manage the annual marketing budget and ensure that all costs are negotiated within the planned expenditure.
  • Ensure all brand guidelines regarding: positioning, tone of voice, creative copywriting and image style are fully understood and adopted across all marketing outputs.
  • Ensure all consumer research has been read, understood and is regularly compared to information collected through marketing activity.
  • Ensure all Marketing activity is targeted to the relevant consumer acquisitions as outlined in the consumer research.
  • Identify a number of comparative shopping centre assets (to represent both direct competition and best practise centres) and regularly monitor, compare and contrast activity and results across all marketing channels where feasible. 

  • Meet with the design agency’s Account Manager and designated designer on a quarterly basis to discuss upcoming artwork requirements
  • Brief all creative artwork requests in to the design agency in a timely manner, ensuring the campaign and copy lines are written with the shopping centre’s tone of voice, target consumer and brand guidelines in mind.
  • Work closely with local press and media providers to secure further advertising opportunities for the shopping centre, and ensure all bookings are managed effectively.
  • Ensure that all media bookings (press, out of home, digital) are carefully managed, with the correct artwork supplied in a timely manner.
Managing Digital Channels
Effectively manage and regularly update the asset’s social media feeds, website and other means of digital advertising with targeted content, promoting the retailers and services to a wide audience with the aim of driving follower and database numbers and encouraging high levels of engagement.


  • Source and create dynamic content for posting on all social and digital channels on a daily basis, photographing key products, trends and collections in house.
  • Carefully consider product layout, photography style and photo editing options when photographing products, to give the most effective overall image.
  • Plan timely social media posts that are relevant to the marketing and campaign plans, and targeted to the correct consumer audience
  • Ensure the correct tone of voice is used across all marketing communications, which is relevant to the consumer.
  • Regularly post, converse and engage in a style that is on brand, and on plan.
  • Monitor all retailer social and digital media activity and deploy relevant dynamic content in a timely manner.
  • Regularly review, where analysis dashboards allow, audience mix, engagement and reach. 


  • Review website content on a weekly basis, ensuring all content and information is up to date.
  • Liaise with retailers to source relevant and on trend/up to date content and information.
  • Work closely with the Creative Design Agency to ensure all creative content is planned and updated regularly to reflect current marketing campaign messages.
  • Ensure strong mix of product offer and retailer presence at all times.
  • Monitor and measure traffic and statistics, reporting on web activity on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Undertake a complete website update, populating every page with brand new content for major season/campaign launches each quarter.
  • Monitor the CRM database on a regular basis and, with the creative agency, send regular email newsletters to both cold and warm databases

Events Co-ordination 

Develop an events calendar that is varied, targeted and fully integrated with the overall marketing strategy, to promote the asset and its retailers to a wider audience and attract consumers to the asset.

  • Establish an annual events plan within the marketing calendar, ensuring that there is regular activity within the centre that compliments the overall plan.
  • Liaise with retailers to organise ‘pop-up’ space activation events in order to promote new product collections.
  • Organise and run events in a professional and commercially viable manner, taking in to account health and safety regulations.
  • Ensure that each event is promoted regularly before and during the activities across all social and digital channels to maximise the potential number of attendees and encourage engagement online.
  • Monitor the success of and evaluate each event’s impact on key measurables such as traffic and sales.
Community Engagement
Develop partnerships with key business and groups in the local community and produce a ‘Cultural Calendar’ of activities to improve the visibility and positioning of the asset within the town or city.

  • Seek out partnership opportunities with local companies and organisations such as schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and BIDs, and identify areas in which the asset can work with these
  • Once collaboration activities have been agreed, produce a ‘Cultural Calendar’ that is aligned with the overall Marketing Strategy, where any community partnership events or initiatives are listed.

Please apply with CV to claire.johnson@blacklinecreative.co.uk
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