Join the Devil’s Porridge at Gretna Gateway

Here until 11th November come along and  learn all about Gretna’s contribution to the war effort. Featuring the “War is Over” exhibit and “Animals in War”.

Poppy Scotland will also be joining the Devil’s Porridge and fundraising to help the Armed Forces community in Scotland. You can donate by visiting their just giving page here.

*Over their two week fundraising efforts at Gretna Gateway Poppy Scotland collected an amazing £1611 and £330 through JustGiving.

Thank you all so much to everyone who donated!


The War is Over: an exhibition exploring the Armistice and its aftermath

On November 11th 1918, the guns fell silent and the First World War finally came to an end.  The munitions workers at His Majesty’s Factory Gretna downed their tools and celebrated: a brass band paraded through the towns; the foreman gave a rousing speech; the munitions girls demanded a dance which 400 people attended that evening; bunting was everywhere…the War was over!

It was a wonderful day but in the weeks and months to come that elation turned to doubt and worry as the future of largest munitions factory in the world remained uncertain.  On one day in December 1918, an estimated 4-5000 people were made unemployed.  The factory workers had come from all corners of the earth to achieve victory for Britain and now they would scatter again.

The fascinating story of Armistice Day at H.M.Factory Gretna, the thoughts and feelings of the workforce and the immediate aftermath of the peace for the people of this area is told in a new exhibition at the Devil’s Porridge Museum, Eastriggs.

Animals in War Exhibition

The Animals in War exhibition was set up to commemorate all the animals who served during wars who won the PDSA Dickin Medal which included horses, dogs, pigeons and even a cat!

16 million animals served in World War One: dogs and 100,000 pigeons were used to carry messages, mules moved around the artillery and eight million horses died in the conflict. The Devil’s Porridge Museum currently has an exhibition on display which details and commemorates their contribution to human conflicts.

The Devil’s Porridge will be here from 23rd October – 11th November

Poppy Scotland will be here 23rd-25th October and 30th October to 1st November

Find them both in Unit 52, between our Molton Brown and Klass stores.

Visit The Devil’s Porridge Museum, Annan Road, Eastriggs, DG12 6TF