Every Colour Tells A Story

This year, Polo Ralph Lauren has partnered with the Stonewall Community Foundation and will donate hundred percent of proceeds through in store fundraising in it’s UK, France and Germany factory stores. Proceeds will benefit LGBTQIA+ organizations around the world through the Stonewall Community Foundation.
Visit https://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/en/pride/ or https://www.stonewallfoundation.org/ to learn more.

The Pride campaign features a diverse group of queer individuals including Olympian Gus
Kenworthy, ballet dancer Harper Watters, comedian and writer Patti Harrison, model and
photographer Jacob Bixenman, actress Josie Totah, and Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) program
affiliates, all shot by photographer Cass Bird. Each featured individual is deeply rooted in
LBGTQIA+ community and celebrated for their individuality. The dynamic campaign highlights their experiences with life, love and self-expression.

The Pride flag is the emblem of the community and consist of six colours that each have a meaning.

RED for Life

Patti Harrison: a writer, comedian and actress. She is a writer for the upcoming season Big Mouth on Netflix and currently starting on Hulu’s Shrill.

Cass, Ali, Mae & Leo Bird: Cass is a photographer of the shoot and Ali is the Managing partner at the Wall Group.

ORANGE for Healing
Harper Watters: a soloist at the Houston Ballet.

YELLOW for Sunlight
Josie Totah: a television and film actress.

GREEN for Nature
Jacob Bixenman: a model and photographer.

BLUE for Serenity
Gus Kenworthy: a freeskier, activist and an a Olympic silver medallist.

PURPLE for Spirit
Cory, Evrisha & Tyriq: Queer youth. They are New York natives affiliated with the Hetrick Martin institute. Cory is an actor, Evrisha is interested in education and Tyriq is an aspiring choreographer.